Rhetoric in Digital Environments

Welcome to Rhetoric in Digital Environments (RW 6344; CRN 16572, Spring 2008).

This course is offered as part of the Ph.D. program in Rhetoric and Writing in the Department of English at Virginia Tech. This web site supports Jim Collier's section of the course.

Official Course Description
Study of the uses of digital media in research, information development and sharing, and advocacy regarding public issues.

"The conferees encourage that the phrase 'rhetorical studies' be understood to include any human transaction in which symbols and/or systems of symbols influence values, attitudes, beliefs, and actions; they encourage individuals and groups to conduct investigations and publish findings dealing with many different kinds of such transactions." — from The Prospect of Rhetoric, Bitzer and Black (eds.), 1971

"Western society has accepted as unquestionable a technological imperative that is quite as arbitrary as the most primitive taboo: not merely the duty to foster invention and constantly to create technological novelties, but equally the duty to surrender to these novelties unconditionally, just because they are offered, without respect to their human consequences." — Lewis Mumford

Digital Rhetoric