The Normative in STS

Welcome to "The Normative in STS" (STS 5424, 18493) for spring 2013 at Virginia Tech.

"I wish to recover what lies outside the Wittgensteinian horizons of what Latour (1993, 1997) himself positively dubs 'acritical' STS. This is the tricky proposition to which ... social epistemology has been devoted for over a dozen years. It involves defining the ends of inquiry in relative independence from whatever outcomes most benefit the population of researchers or their clients at a given place and time. It requires, among other things, frank recognition that the ends of those we study may be antagonistic to those who sustain our livelihood. I believe that this will be 'essential tension' that defines the normative horizon of STS in the coming years." — Steve Fuller, 2000

Norms in STS