Philosophy of Modern Science & Technology

Welcome to Philosophy of Modern Science & Technology (Philosophy 5306/STS 5306). This web site serves Jim Collier's section of the course (CRN: 17792; 17588) for spring 2010.

Course Description

This course is the second in a sequence that addresses central issues and concepts in both the philosophy of science and in the philosophy of technology. In this course we will take up issues including the growth of knowledge, the role of history in the philosophy of science, the rise of the technological society, democracy and technology and the conduct of post-positivist inquiry. We will analyze concepts including falsifiability, theory, verification, incommensurability, paradigm, scientific revolution, technique and technological essentialism. We will put Karl Popper's The Logic of Scientific Discovery into conversation with Thomas Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific Revolutions and Jacques Ellul's The Technological Society into conversation with Andrew Feenburg's Questioning Technology. Finally, we will examine contemporary theoretical and methodological gestures in the social studies of science and technology including constructivism, actor-network theory and reflexivity.

Philosophy of Modern Science and Technology