Assignments: Wiki Response

Technical Writing

Once the Wiki articles are posted — by noon on July 5 — you will have the opportunity to respond. I would like you to choose at least one article (which you have not helped to author) to which you will respond.

Since the wiki provides numerous means for response, you have numerous possibilities as to how you can respond. For example, you may write a response to the article — a counter-argument, a supporting elaboration, an editorial, a polemic — you may edit the article directly — adding or subtracting prose, changing the article's structure and format — or you may provide additional supporting or countering resources — links, book and article references, multi-media embeds (e.g., YouTube videos) and the like. Given this array of possibilities, I will not offer particular requirements regarding the length, format and structure of your response.

Your goal is to craft direct, engaged, insightful responses (of the kind suggested above) based on your judgment of the article's argument, evidence and presentation. Given the compressed timing of the summer session, you have only a 36-hour window in which to respond.


Due no later than midnight July 6:

    At least one response to an article (not written by you and your group) posted on the wiki. The nature of your response rests with your judgment.